PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Settling into Landforms, 5th Grade Science

Students in the 5th grade have been revisiting some of the processes involved in creating our world’s magnificent landforms! Last week, students conducted stream tables in class to observe the process of erosion and how it creates landforms like valleys, canyons, and more! Yesterday, students then looked closer at what happens after erosion, more specifically, where the particles go!

Students discovered that deposition is the process in which earth material settles in a new place.

Here is a list of other vocabulary words that are students are familiarizing themselves with:

weathering, erosion, deposition, canyon, delta, meander, mountain, plain, plateau, and valley

Next week, students will be taking their knowledge of landforms to a somewhat “smaller” level, when we begin looking at models, such as maps!

The kiddos really enjoyed the in-class activities, even if it was not their first time!