PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Dance Room Update – Week of March 1st!

Welcome Back!

First week back after winter break has been exciting and productive. Fourth and fifth graders are busy finishing up their World Cultural Dance Unit. After working in discussion groups to compare Latin, Indian and Israeli Folk dances, students had the chance to create their very own folk dance inspired by what they have learned. The results were amazing!

Third graders are moving into exploring science concepts. After making several connections with movement and language arts, students are creating dance inspired by the parts of a plant. Small group work will investigate the functions of plant parts and how we can show that with our bodies.

Second graders have built movement ideas inspired by discussions about our communities, countries and most recently “peace among the nations”. Presently, they are working together to build a bridge that will reflect this idea using all the students in the class. Bridge tag was one of the fun dance activities they did this week.  This next investigation will take teamwork and commitment. In addition to the building of the bridge, these dancers will be learning about 3/4 time music and how to stabilize a large group connected dance shape.

First graders continue their studies of “body shapes”. This week they have been exploring twisted shapes and thinking about questions such as -“Why might our bodies need to twist?” Next week, they will take on “sticky shapes” and then create their own shape dances.

And lastly, our smallest dance students created their own dances using the ABC template and applying their new-found knowledge of direction. They were able to plan their work on paper and then put it on their bodies. This was in preparation for an informal dance showing in class. Wonderful work for these little dancers!

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Diane