PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Happy Lunar New Year…and more!

This week, we began our study of China with a look at how dance plays a role in Chinese culture. During the Dragon’s Tale performance, we got a glimpse of a variety of dances, including the Lion Dance, the Ribbon Dance, and the Coinstick dance. This performance got the children excited to learn more about China’s culture and rich traditions.

The families of 301 and 302 really showed true teamwork in putting together our Lunar New Year Celebration. Sharon, Lila’s mom (from 301), led a paper cutting and folding activity. Students began to learn about the language differences  between Chinese and English. Everyone pitched in with donations of food, sweets, art supplies, and even red envelopes-tokens of good luck and prosperity.

Families that were able to join in the festivities were helpful in supporting kids with directions and the fine motor skills it takes to cut an intricate design (the Chinese character for Spring). Thanks for all your donation and support- it was such a gift to have an event that was completely planned and orchestrated by parents!

What’s Next? Mock ELA and Math Exams

Third graders are scheduled to take the NY State exams in April and May. Next week students will take a “mock” ELA exam. This “practice” exam is meant to familiarize our third graders with the experience of sitting for an exam. It is important for children to know what to expect under testing conditions.  Students will become more familiar with the format of the exam, the length of the exam, and the types of questions they can expect to see. Both the mock ELA and mock Math exams will mimic the format of this year’s upcoming exams. This year’s exam will be given over the course of 2 days. The tests are un-timed; students are given as much time as they need, as long as they are continuously working productively.

In ELA, the structure of the exams is as follows:

Day 1- Multiple Choice – Suggested Time 60-70 min

Day 2- Short Answer and Extended Response  – Suggested Time-60-70 minutes

Students in 302 will be taking the ELA Mock Exam on Monday, March 5th, and Tuesday, March 6th.

The Mock Math exam will be given on March 21-22.  The structure of the Math Exam is as follows:

Day 1- Multiple Choice – Suggested Time 60-70 min

Day 2- Multiple Choice (8 questions), Short Answer and Extended Response  – Suggested Time-60-70 minutes

The results of the ELA and Math mock exams will not be counted towards your child’s grade. Teachers will be using the results to inform instruction in the next few weeks.

Upcoming Dates:

March 5th-6th- Mock ELA Exam

March 7th- Trip to Astronaut Adventures- See chaperones below:

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 7.55.20 PM.png

March 14th- Caligraphy Workshop (in-school) Students only.

March 15th- 1/2 Day of School- Parent/Teacher Conferences

March 21-22- Mock Math Exam