PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Safety In Schools

Advisory Blog – March, 2018

In advisory, we have been discussing safety in schools in response to the recent tragedy in Florida.

Heart of the Discussion –  “School safety is not a political issue. There cannot be two sides to doing everything in our power to ensure that the lives of our children are NOT at risk of dying. Our children should be learning, playing and growing Students & staff have a right to teach and learn in place free to from guns.”

See the information listed below to help facilitate a conversation with your child at home. Also included are some of the students reflections.

Safety in Schools/Gun control – Talking Points for Parents

  1. Reassure your child they are safe
  2. Make time to talk
  3. Review safety procedures

Purpose of Advisory discussion –

  • Be informed about what is going on in our country
  • Provide a safe space to talk, support one another, and discuss this national tragedy
  • Restoration, healing, express how we are feeling
  • Notice how students are advocating, mobilizing and taking action around something they want to change
  • Participate in this national conversation
  • Review government policy on automatic weapons

Student Reflections/Wonderings:

  • Should teachers have guns in school? Daniel
  • How can we change gun laws? – Amia
  • Why aren’t there more laws regarding gun control? – Anthony
  • What will the president do to address this issue – Ethan
  • How can we make changes in schools to keep everyone safe? Metal detectors? – Max
  • What does the NRA do? How are they helping to prevent these issues?
  • Why are the laws different state to state? – Daniel/Leah
  • How are families being supported? How are families coping? – Maya
  • How did government officials respond to the shootings?-Miles
  • What laws are in place concerning background checks, gun permits, and registering guns? – Arushi
  • What are the requirements for purchasing guns?-Michelle