PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

4th Grade Humanities in Spring!


Dear 4th Grade Parents,

Sigh.. Well It didn’t really feel like Spring at all in Brooklyn.  I hope everyone had a great break.  I just wanted to update you on a few things.


I know Samara reached out to you about School Loop Grades, but I wanted to reiterate.  Please do not take the average of the School Loop grade as a reflection of their abilities at this time.  A percentage is not a true representation either of who they are as learners. There are only a few grades so far, so the average is completely off.  Also, it is important to look ahead on the School Loop Calendar.  Projects get posted at least a month in advance, but if you don’t look at the calendar ahead of time you might be surprised because you are only alerted to it when it is due.  The students told me that many of you do not know how to get the calendar up.  Let me know if this is something in which you do not know how to to.


Read Works HW is posted every week on Monday.  The HW is due on Sunday night, giving you a full weekend to work on it.  I know how crazy the week days are.  There is a Read Works assignment that is NOT homework.  We are reading the texts in class.  These are the “Article a Day Sets.”  Do not have your child complete them for HW.   We are reading them in our small group time.


The ELA is this Wednesday and Thursday.  Make sure your child has a solid breakfast and a good night sleep the night before. The State Math test is on May 1st and 2nd.


We will have Child’s Play come this Friday the 13th followed by the 20th, and the 27th.  I look forward to working with them, again!


We will share our Explorer journals on April 27th.  I will find out a way so that the other class can view the journals, too.  Keep posted for an update.

Our big finale of the year, “Friends and Family” day is on May 18th.

On May 31st 401 will be traveling to Fraunces Tavern and 402 will go on June 1st.


Happy Almost Spring,