PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Spring In The Dance Room! – 4/19/18

In kindergarten dance this week, students began investigating shapes. Shapes can be created on our bodies individually, with partners or in small groups. They can be held very still or they can move through the general space. These little dancers found some innovative shapes in the pictures that were displayed on the walls of our shape museum.  Next week we look at linear shapes.

First graders are exploring feelings, movement and props. In these photos you can see children trying to express a happy emotion with a scarf. Does adding a prop to movement help to communicate what we are trying to express? These are some of the questions and ideas these young students are thinking about.

In second grade, dancers got to perform their movement sentences in small groups for a dance share with their classmates! There were some incredible A,B,C,D,E variations that included both action words and stillness. Next, these students move on to a World Celebration Unit, where they will take a look at different cultures and traditions and then create movement based on what they learn.

Third graders have started an investigation into the connections between Math and Dance. Here they can be seen “body storming” how to create numbers with partners. We will also be studying geometric shapes and different aspects of telling time.

In fourth and fifth grade, dancers are exploring the fundamental elements of dance by learning how to use different kinds of choreographic tools. They are given short, specific tasks in small groups, to apply their understanding of these dance making concepts. Some examples you may see in these photos include the use of canons or unison movement. Other dancers are showing machines reflecting different body bases, parts, actions and zones. All of these students are so creative and it is such a joy to watch!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane