PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update, week of 4/16/18

Kindergarten has started a new lesson by tracing their hands, painting the background with primary colors and then mixing them to make secondary colors. We learned that complimentary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel.  They then matched complementary colors inside their hand tracing with primary colors.
In a cross-curriculum collaboration, First grade students used drawings they made of invented animals in their classrooms as reference, and transformed their concept to a 3D creature in Model Magic.
Second grade learned about the Brooklyn Bridge in art by looking at numerous artists’ work, including Frank Stella and Georgia O’Keeffe, amongst others. The longest suspension bridge of its time, the Brooklyn bridge symbolized the triumph of new technology (steel cables). Students studied photographs of the bridge, observing that parts of the bridge that are closer to you are larger than parts farther away, and began drawing in oil pastel. They will finish their pieces in watercolor.
Third graders are working on seascape silhouettes based upon looking at Henri Matisse’s (1859-1954) work. Fourth grade are continuing to create their “Alpha-Beasties” drawings, making sure to use letters in upper and lowercase, backwards and forwards, thin and thick widths: they’re looking great!
Fifth grade are still working on their one point perspective name drawings, having identified their horizon line, vanishing point, and orthogonal lines, adding personal details around their name. Sixth grade are working on their Egyptian Canopic jars, utilizing recycled materials, and Model Magic. Seventh grade continued to work on their protractor drawings based upon Frank Stella (1936-) and his “Protractor” series. Eighth grade finished working in clay, and pieces were sent home. They learned about “Repoussé, creating designs in sheet metal with concave and convex shapes.