PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Science: Grades 6-8, Week of 4/23/18

The 8th graders are nearing the end of the LE Regents curriculum. This week they will finish their study of Botany and will begin our last unit, Ecology. We will compare how different organisms eat, breathe & reproduce.

701 worked on a “Scientists Fair” last week, where they had to research a famous scientist and present their findings to other students in the school. (Photos have been shared via a separate email). 702 will be doing the same, this coming Tuesday. Following this, we will resume our studies on nuclear energy and delve into the nature of radioactive particles.

The 6th grade will be examining evidence for the Plate Tectonic Theory, as we take a look at earthquakes – how they occur, where they occur and what we can do to prevent disaster from happening, if anything.