PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY



Hope that all is well. I’ve realized that it’s been far too long since I’ve updated you on the goings on in the gym! Each of our classes have been having a lot of fun in the gym and staying active while we do it!

  • K001&K002, 101 & 102– Have continue to explore the spaces around them and play tag comes that have required them to learn how to navigate the space in the gym, learn how to survive in solo tag games, and work cooperatively in tag games that may include a partner or a full team. It has been a joy to watch the classes that required much attention and redirection early in the school year, begin to be able to run their own warmups/police their own games during the class. So many students have begun to develop great leadership traits and exhibited great teamwork.
  • 201 & 202, 301 & 302 –  These classes have begun to play games that require more strategic thinking and problem solving. Games such as wizard ball, capture the flag, elimination tag, blob tag, extinction and more, truly call on the students to think on the fly in order to successful. Students are putting their heads together and developing a strategy, having positive interactions with each other about the best course of action and what to do next. It has been great to see students make adjustments from game to game in order to best be successful in the game.
  • 401 & 402 – This has been the first year that this cohort has been exposed to the NYC Fitnessgram. These classes have been tested in their ability to do pushups, curlups(situps), pacer test (distance running), trunk lift and sit and reach (flexibility).  The students showed great improvement from their times of practice to the official testing date, and it is my hope that they can continue to do these exercises to exhibit an understanding of lifelong fitness. Now that fitnessgram has wrapped up, we are moving on to kickball, and hopefully we can go outside to play some games on the big field!

Hope all is well!


Coach Shea