PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY



Hope that all is well. I’ve realized that it’s been far too long since I’ve updated you on the goings on in the gym! Many of the PE classes from 5th-8th grades have been going through some greatly competitive tournaments.

Our classes have enjoyed tournaments such as Team Handball, Speedball and Floor Hockey. During the tournaments, each of the classes is broken up into 5 teams , responsible for making their own lineups, strategic adjustments and cooperative play. While 2 teams are playing , the other 3 teams are responsible for being score keepers, officials, equipment monitors  and other roles. This allows the teams to build camaraderie, foster an appreciation and understanding of the games being played and sportsmanship.

Team Handball is a game that could be best described as similar to lacrosse, but it is played with a movement restriction and you throw the ball into the net with your hands. Team Handball really calls for students to understand their spacing in the gym as well as how to move without the ball. Handball definitely is a great progression game to play before Speedball.

Speedball is a fast paced game that is a combination of basketball, soccer and  handball. One of the cool things about speedball is that each of the games is worth a different score value, so teams can choose what goals they want to go for (baskets,  soccer goal, handball goal). Teams that have different strengths can play differently and no team games were the same.

Floor Hockey has been our most recent unit, which has carried us over the last few weeks of the NHL season and into the NHL playoffs as well. Floor hockey may have been our best unit of the year to date as all of the games in the classes are very competitive and only getting better as the unit has progressed.

While some of the classes are wrapping up hockey, other classes have progressed on to kickball. As the weather has FINALLY become nicer, we have been able to go outside in some classes to play kickball on the big field.  It is my hope that we will be able to continue to go outside to the field to play kickball, flag football and other games while we enjoy the weather as well.

Hope that all is well!


Coach Shea