PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

A Day in the Garden with 302

Today was a beautiful day to visit the Chinese Scholar’s Garden! Ms. Nanna led our group through the winding pathways of the garden in order to look for focal points for students to sketch. Thanks to our chaperones, students were able to spread out throughout the garden and find places that caught their visual interest. Many students observed and sketched the gorgeous blossoming trees and the fish in the koi pond. Others attended to the details in the “leaky” windows of the garden, windows that are partly transparent and keep the visitor anticipating the next room of the garden.  The class was excited to see some of the features we studied in school, such as the bat-shaped door pulls, the banana leaf shaped window, flowering plum blossoms, the moon gate, flying eaves and detailed stone tiles. These architectural elements were much more beautiful and memorable in person!


The class is looking forward to using their sketches to create paintings on rice paper in art class.

Our picnic lunch was also a highlight of the trip! Our class enjoyed eating in the sun and playing games of tag and races.  It was just a wonderful way to be together on a beautiful Spring day! Thank you again chaperones!!


Upcoming Dates:

Tomorrow: End-of-Unit- Fraction Assessment

Friday: Multiplication Fact Assessment

Friday: Classes 302 and 601 will celebrate our Published Informational Writing

Spirit Week is Coming! See specific details below…

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