PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Physical Education: Grades 4-8

BSI Families!

Now that the school year is finally in full swing and our classes have met a few times, established our routines again, our PE classes are running a lot more smoothly.  Some of the older grades of the school have gym multiple times per week, which makes it better for them to become comfortable in our routines as well as become enveloped in the units we are doing.

Starting in 4th grade, students must complete the NYC Fitnessgram Assessments (pushups, curlups, pacer test, trunk lift, sit and reach). These are mandated by the city/state, as well as maintaining a record of their height/weights each year. We have begun practicing for our Fitnessgram assessments.

The bulk of our units are going to be based off the Sport Ed model. We have started our “Team Handball” unit, where we are working on our passing, movement and pace of play. Each game there are two teams playing, one team officiating, one team keeping score, one team keeping time. This keeps all of the students engaged in every game that is going on as well as forcing them to watch the games more closely, thusly improving their understanding of the games rules and strategies.

As always, I ask that your children have sneakers on the days they have gym. I just want to make sure that all students are being safe while participating in our class, and that starts with being prepared for the class when it starts!