PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Dance Update! Week of 10/19/18

The dance room was buzzing with fall energy this week. Kindergarten and first grade dancers continue moving through activities exploring level and size. This week, K-001 and K-002 used the mirror and shadow exercises to embody the concept of level. First graders participated in some creative improvisations involving giants, trees and elves. These little dancers also tried the sandwich dance template of ABA to create an original dance about size.

Second grade students continue to explore transitioning shapes. Now they are working collaboratively with partners and small groups to build a skyline that uses both shapes and transitional movement. Third graders continue their language arts and dance connections by working with the creation of short dances using syllables and verbs. Students are working in pairs and small groups to demonstrate their understanding of these ideas.

In fourth grade, the dance students worked collaboratively to complete several group challenges that had specific movement goals. Next they will be discussing the meaning of values and exploring some of their own beliefs.   Dancers will be asked to create different gestures to build a sequence that reflects their findings. Fifth graders continued working in small groups demonstrating their knowledge of the chance dance. These students are being asked to create a short movement sequence with specific choreographic structures. Next, they will be moving into a language arts and dance investigation.

Fifth grade dance elective students continue to explore how space can affect movement.  What happens to motion when space is taken away? What happens when we are given more space to move? These students are also practicing their choreographic skills by creating short dances involving different kinds of spaces and movement. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade dance elective students continue to practice various technical skills and learn about body alignment and dance class structure.  They have begun to explore the fundamental dance element of relationships using a choreographic tool called canon. Students worked in small groups this week to demonstrate their understanding of these ideas and next week will work in pairs to create a short duet.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane