PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

BSI DANCE! Week of 11/9

The kindergarten classes used their new knowledge of size to make a sandwich dance. These students are learning beginner composition skills including the ABA template. First grade continues their study of pathways, shapes and traveling through space. While second graders are focused on building a community dance that uses entrances and transitional movement.  Our third grade explored the connections between movement and text. These dancers worked collaboratively to create shapes that represent punctuation marks. Next, they will work in small groups writing their own text and create short movement studies.

In fourth grade, the dance students created gestures and sequences of movement to represent their class values. Below are some pictures of 402 working collaboratively in small groups to spell out certain words with their bodies.


Fifth graders shared their chance dances and are now taking the time to reflect on collaborative skills and choreographic choices. Students watched themselves on video and self assessed as a group with rubrics. Next, they will be moving into a language arts and dance investigation. The fifth grade dance elective students are back in the creative process after exploring levels, shadows and mirrors. They are using concepts learned to create a short dance using the rondo template. And finally, our oldest dancers have shared all their structured duets. Next, they are working in small groups to link movement ideas together using transitions and their new flocking skills.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane