PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Science Grades: 6-8, Week of 11/12/18

As we begin to wind down our Meteorology unit we will examine some man-made weather problems such as Acid Rain & Climate Change in the next two weeks. The 6th graders will learn about the idea of “pH” as a measurement of acidity and examine what acid rain can do to a number of different materials in nature.

The 7th grade is continuing their exploration of Chemistry as we examine what occurs when something dissolves. We will measure different concentrations of food coloring and see the difference between a highly diluted solution & one that is extremely concentrated. We will hypothesize why some chemicals can dissolve while other cannot.

The 8th grade will be investigating the Endocrine System this week and how hormones, secreted by these glands, control a variety of important processes in our bodies.