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Gr5 Personal Essays + Maya Civilization and Roles!


Students are currently working on constructing one Personal, and one Pure Essay. Families will be invited in January, for a Grade-Wide Personal Essay Share!


Kayla begins her essay by hooking her reader with a question:


Sophie begins her essay with dialogue and an anecdote to hook her reader:


This Essayist grows a seed idea to draft a Personal Essay right out of the Writer’s Notebook:

IMG_0573 (1)

This Essayist begins with dialogue and an anecdote:IMG_0585

This Essayist uses the rubric to guide her writing process:IMG_0572 (1)

This Essayist includes the BIG IDEA at the top of her draft to keep her writing focused:IMG_0574



Our inquiry into the Maya Civilization and Mayan Roles has begun. Students began their investigation through a gallery walk: by analyzing images and primary source documents to form inquiry questions to guide their research. See below, and stay tuned for more soon!

(Students are currently working on researching Mayan Roles and are creating skits (Monologues/Dialogues) to perform in January. Families will be invited to our performances!

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