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401 Blog: Week of 1/21/19

Hello Everyone,

I hope everybody is safe and warm this weekend. Here are a few things that are coming up this week in class.


  • We will continue our in depth work on constructing sentences. There will be plenty of opportunity for practice in class. We may also do some further grammar work if time permits.
  • Hopefully we will begin our historical fiction writing next week (this is a really fun unit).


  • We will continue our reading assessments, it’s slow going, but supper important.
  • We will also continue our work on responding to what we read in a clear and concise way using writing.
  • We are about a third of the way through The One and Only Ivan.  Hopefully we can read a lot more this week.

Social Studies:

  • Overall, our class did quite well on the 13 colonies assessment. We will use that knowledge to expand our discussion to include the economy of the early colonists and the 13 colonies. This will be an interesting discussion because economics can be a very complex subject.


  • We have been going through our division tool box with strategies such as: decomposing, missing factor, doubling, and partial quotient. We will continue with two more strategies to add to our tool box this week.
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