PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

La clase de español

5th grade- Working on group booklet number project

Next topic- Calendar

6th grade- Calendar Lesson- Vocabulary based on calendar. Answering questions about the calendar. Personal questions- When is your birthday? and what is your favorite season?

Next topic-


a. Telling time on the hour

Conversional Questions

What time is it?

7th and 8th grade- Verb GUSTAR. Writing short essay about themselves and family members.

Writing about the person I most admire

Next topic-


continue using the verb ser, tener, gustar.

REVIEW- of articles- definite and indefinite

New material- learning about possessive adjectives, new family vocabulary words.

Seasons and Weather

a. Verb – To Make

b. Verb – To Do

c. Verb – To Be

Conversional Questions

What season are we in?

What is the weather like in the summer, spring, fall and winter?

How is the weather?

What is your favorite season and why?

What is the temperature?