PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Weekly Dance Update – 1/25/19

How can we use focus in dance? What happens to movement when we change our focus? Kindergarten students began their first studies of what we see when we are dancing. They also learned a new dance this week called, the scarf dance. First grade is getting ready to work in small groups to create a machine dance that incorporates many of the lessons they have learned. This includes focus, pathway, direction, level, size and space. The second graders are busy embodying World Celebration ideas. Each group must come up with a clear and articulate movement thought to represent their celebration. Next week, the groups will share and reflect on how the audience is perceiving these ideas.

The third graders continue their science and dance connection by physically exploring the parts of a plant and their functions. This week, students were reorganized into new small groups to create an original dance work including all the parts of a plant. Dancers are encouraged to use many of the fundamental elements of dance that they have already learned. Choreographers can find ideas for new works in so many different places including the science lab. Fourth graders continued to work on their Latin Dance skills. This week they worked with partners to assess what they have learned. Our fifth grade students are working in small groups to create dances based on poetry. These students are working from a checklist of choreographic tools and will present and share their work in the coming weeks.


The fifth grade dance elective students are in their last rehearsals for the final improvisational project. Students shared their work one more time this week to get feedback from their classmates. Now they are thinking about props, music and lighting. Students must also complete a pathways map that shows exactly where they are moving through space the entire time. Lastly, our middle school dancers are learning about direction in space and how we can utilize the concept when creating dances. Students were introduced to a new choreographic tool this week entitled, call and response. They learned and practiced steps from a West African cultural dance called, Fanga to experience that communication through dancers.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane