PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

February in the Dance Room! 2/1/19

Our littlest dancers continue to explore what they see when they are dancing. This week, students searched for colors and objects around the room to help define single and multi-focuses. First graders are working in small groups to create a machine dance that incorporates focus, pathway, direction, level, size and space. The second graders shared their World Celebration ideas. Now they will be placed in new groups to create a World Celebration Dance that reflects many different cultures.

Students in the third grade are busy composing a plant dance involving all the different plant parts, shapes and movements from the previous week’s investigation. Dancers are encouraged to use different levels, directions, pathways and dynamics to show the assembly of the plant parts. Fourth graders continued to work on their Latin Dance skills. Students will be getting ready to move into Classical Indian Dance next week. What are some of the similarities and differences in these cultural dances? Our fifth grade students continue to work in small groups creating dances based on poetry. These students are working from a checklist of choreographic tools and will present their work next week.


The fifth grade dance elective students are sharing their final improvisational project. Students will present their dances and then reflect on their work with the support of audience feedback. The dances will be filmed so that the students can see their finished work and assess as a group, both the process and the final outcome. And finally, our middle school dancers learned about the concept of pathways in space and how we can utilize different designs and formations when creating dances. Students created group sculptures, solos and duets based on this movement idea.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane