PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Dance Room Update – Week of 3/22/19

This week, the warm weather and rain inspired a new movement energy in the dance room.

Kindergarten and first graders, continued to explore the concept of shapes. They demonstrated curved lines in rhythm and danced at an animal party showing curved shapes and movement. In second grade, the dancers began a study on insects and how they move in our environment. Using the choreographic device of mirroring, students investigated different elements of dance that would help to clearly articulate their movement.

Third graders are finding connections between math and dance. This week, students began to think about time and how they can work with a partner to create a body clock.  How do we show time on our bodies from both the performer and the audience’s perspective? Our fourth grade dancers started Israeli Folk Dance, and fifth graders are using Laban Movement Analysis to create an original work structured in the ABC template inspired by magnetism and the concept of cause and effect. In addition, our fifth graders welcomed Dancing Classrooms this week, as students participated in our first ballroom dancing residency here at BSI.

Finally, the middle school dancers learned about the choreographic devices of repetition and retrograde. Students have started independent choreographic projects that they will be working on over the next several months. These creative choreographers must try to incorporate some of the dance making tools they have learned throughout the year.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane