PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

301 Blog: Week of 10/21/19

Hello Everyone,

I hope the weekend is going well. Here are some updates about what’s up in class 301.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Thank you to everyone who was able to come in and help out on Friday. Our salt clay relief maps are coming out well. This coming Friday (10/25/19) is Family Friday and we will be painting our relief maps. During this week, students will be researching more interesting facts about their continents.

  • This week, if anyone could donate blue, brown, green, or yellow paint for our map project, it would be much appreciated.

MATH: This week we will be finishing our unit on subtraction. Specifically, we will be working on one and two step word problems. We will discuss the best approaches for different kinds of subtraction word problems.

WRITING: Our students have been hard at work revising and editing our Personal Narratives. We will soon be ready to publish. This week we will continue working on the concept of quality over quantity in our writing.

READING: 301 has been loving our Mystery Unit. We have been reading various mystery books in our book clubs. The students have been working on identifying clues that authors give the readers to help them solve the central mystery. The students have also gotten quite good at identifying red herrings in their books.