PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Gr2 Blog Week of 10/30

Dear Families, 

As we begin a new month we are also beginning a new unit, Nonfiction Writing! Your student will be bringing home a slip of paper with his or her topic listed on it. Please take some time this weekend to visit your local library and check out some kid-friendly books on the topic with your child. The kids need to bring in at least 2 books on their topic by Monday, November 4th. It is imperative that the students have books to work with or they will not be able to research properly. 

Yesterday we had our first Second Grade Gallery Share for our Personal Narratives. The students visited each others classes and shared their published pieces. Check out the pictures! 


We are continuing our math investigation on story problems. We will be moving into reading and understanding two-step problems next week. Look out for a homework assignment which will include an example. We are also focusing on communicating our ideas to others. This week children made posters with a partner in order to show how they thought about a problem. Many children have wonderful strategies, but have difficulty relaying them to others. This is a work in progress and is something we will return to many times this year. 

Here is a picture of the strategies we have used and how to model: 


In Social Studies, we are also starting our new unit, Urban, Suburban and Rural. Throughout this unit we will be taking a close look at each community. We will be diving in deep and seeing all of the inner workings of how these communities work and why. 


  • A new trip slip (for Snug Harbor) will be coming home in the next few days.
  • Scholastic orders were placed today.
  • No School: November 5th and 11th 
  • Parent Teacher Conferences November 14th. 

Have a great week! 

Ms. Mathis and Ms. Mila