PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Advisory – October Update

Dear Families,

The Season of Fall is here! 

In Advisory this month students have been engaged in a “Community Door Decorating Contest”. 

Students have been working in small cooperative learning groups to plan, design and decorate a classroom door with the theme of “Fall” in mind. There is a rubric to help guide students through the process. Students are encouraged to use their creativity to represent the beauty and wonder of the season of Fall.

This learning experience is designed to build community and togetherness in each Advisory while working collaboratively towards a common goal. This experience also creates a sense of school spirit and unity in the hallways of BSI. 

Skills we have been working on –

  • Empathy skills: recognizing that something is wrong, caring about what is happening.
  • Listening skills: being able to listen actively to someone else’s problem 
  • Assertiveness skills: having the confidence to do something to help 
  • Perspective-taking skills: trying to understand others’ point of view 
  • Problem-solving skills: brainstorming a lot of options

Goals of Lesson:

  1. Active Listening
  2. Respecting each others ideas
  3. Including everyone
  4. Being open minded about suggestions
  5. Perspectives of others


One Tribe,

Mrs. Ferguson