PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

La clase de español

Curriculum breakdown

5th/6th Grade •Why learn a foreign language •Alphabet, Greetings and expressions •Numbers (0-100) •Telling Time •Calendar •Weather & Seasons •Classroom Objects •Personal information- self description •Grammar Concepts (definite/indefinite articles, noun and adjective agreement) •Art History •Cultural holidays & celebrations

7th Grade •Review 6th grade vocabulary •Introduction to verbs & conjugations (present tense) •Introducing and describing oneself and others •Personal Identity •Adjectives/Pluralization •Likes/Dislikes •House and home •Daily Routine •Cultural holidays & celebration

                                            8th Grade

•Verbs and conjugation

•The verbs “to be” to go, to hurt, to want, to have… •Continue the review of 6th and 7th grade vocabulary •Adjective and noun agreement/ Grammar Concepts •Elements of time

•The human body •Classroom objects/School subjects •Conversations •Cultural holidays & celebrations