PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

302: Family Friday!

Dear Families,

Next Friday, December 13th, is Family Friday. During this time students will be presenting their persuasive writing projects. They have been working very hard to create pieces that will inspire positive change. Some students wrote speeches, while others wrote petitions or letters. You will have an opportunity to hear and read about their strong, brave opinions. You may be convinced enough to sign a petition!

We will also have an opportunity to share our cultures by having a small potluck after the presentations. We invite you to sign up here to bring a homemade dish that you enjoy in your family. Please remember that we have kids who are allergic to kiwi, pineapple, peanuts, tree nuts, almonds, coconuts, cashews, and bananas, so please avoid foods with those ingredients.

Finally, the last book order of 2019 is due on Monday. I’ll be placing the order in the morning, so please try to complete your order by Sunday evening if at all possible. Our online code is HLFDN, and the website is

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Anne