PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

First Grade Updates!


In reading we learned ways to solve tricky words.  Strategies we have learned so far are:

  • Look at the picture
  • Look at all the parts of the word: beginning, middle and end
  • Skip the word and go back
  • Break larger words into smaller parts
  • Think about what would make sense

When reading with your child, encourage him/her to use these strategies on tricky words.

We will begin working on partner reading and how to talk to your partner about books. 


In writing we are continuing our work on personal narratives.  We are learning to include details that make our stories come to life.  These include making our characters move and talk. We are also learning to include how our characters are feeling or what they are thinking. 


We are working on mastering our basic facts.  We are beginning with combinations of 10 and our double facts.  Here are links to two games that you can play at home.

Tens Go Fish 

Finding Doubles

Primary Cards You can print these out and keep in a ziplock bag to play different games throughout the year.