PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

La clase de español


In 5th grade Spanish we are currently working on numbers. In this Unit students will be answering the questions: How old are you? and What is your telephone number. After this we are going to be doing basic personal questions like Where are you from, what is your nationality, where do live, and what language do you speak.

6th graders are working on the singular conjugation of the verb ser. In this Unit they are using the verb ser to answer questions like what is your email. They are learning about pronouns and how to replace subject/noun with a subject pronoun.

7th graders are currently working on conjugating verb ser in all its forms. We are going over some grammatical concept like adjective/noun agreement. They will be writing descriptive paragraphs about themselves, a friend, and a group of people using ser and adjectives

8th graders are currently working on the clothing unit. In this unit students will be using all their prior knowledge about clothing, vocabulry, ser, querer, tener etc… In this unit they will write a skit and create a clothing catalogue.