PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

December in the Dance Room! – 12/18/19

It has been a busy month in the dance room! Kindergarten students tried on the concept of size by embodying the characters of “Giants and Elves” and then explored traveling on different pathways through space. In first grade, students were introduced to movement sentences as they learned about various directions we use in dance. These dancers are reviewing fundamental elements as they practice creating short movement studies using the ABA and ABC templates. Second graders finished their community dance with a showing for Principal Havlik and Ms. Moshura. Students were filled with pride and joy as they shared their original works. Now, these dancers are exploring several world cultural celebrations and will continue their composition practices.



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In third grade, students have been using literacy connections such as punctuation and text to inspire dance making. These dancers have been working both individually and with partners to create gestures and movement sentences related to these themes. Students are learning about where choreographers get their ideas for dances and how movement can support learning in other subject areas. The fourth graders are in the early stages of their Hip-Hop/ Anti-Bullying unit. Students are learning about specific technique and historical content. After break, they will begin to have discussions about anti-bullying and respect, and how dance can be used to communicate all of these ideas. Fifth grade did an amazing job with their “Hopeful” choreography. These dancers will begin several interdisciplinary connections with dance after the winter break. The first one being an exploration with math and probability.

And lastly, the middle school dance elective students have been discussing how movement can be used to express feelings and emotion. Students continue to learn about composition, choreographic devices and technique. Our oldest dancers are working on independent projects that will be shared at the end of the year.

Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday and a restful break!

Ms. Diane