PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Gr2 Week of 1/22/20

Dear Families,

We hope that you are all doing well. We have been very busy here in second grade! Please note a new trip slip was sent home for our upcoming trip to the Brooklyn Historical Society (bldg 92). In class, we are starting to learn about New York’s unique geographical features, which have shaped our city into the metropolis it is today. Over the next couple of weeks, our students will be exploring features of maps. The kids will develop their own maps of our classrooms, and soon, New York City.

In Math Workshop we are kicking off our “T-shirt Factory” unit. In this context the students will explore the concept of place value. The big ideas in the unit include unitizing (1 ten = ten ones) and place values. This unit supports the development of addition and subtraction strategies, including the traditional algorithm and why it works. 

In Writers Workshop, we are continuing our work with nonfiction writing. This portion of the unit focuses on a new genre of nonfiction writing, Lab Reports! We will be working on creating and conduction experiments then writing our own lab reports. Be sure to talk with your kids about their findings! 

In Readers Workshop, we are continuing our nonfiction study in Reading Workshop by comparing the information found in more than one book on the same topic. We are noticing that by reading more than one book, we get different (and sometimes conflicting) perspectives, and we can develop a deeper and more complete understanding of our topics. 

Important Dates:

Date: Event:
February 5th, 2020  Brooklyn Historical Society Trip
February 7th, 2020  Family Friday (“T-Shirt Factory” T-shirt making)
February 14th, 2020  Valentine’s Day in class celebration 

  • You can send in a small snack if you want
  • If you send in Valentines, please make sure there is one for each student.
February 17-21st, 2020  Mid Winter Recess
February 27th, 2020  Birthday Celebration (January/ February) 

Please note that at this time of year the flu and other viruses are spreading quickly and easily throughout school. If your child is sick and not feeling well, keep them home. If your child is running a fever they must be fever free for 24hrs before returning to school as per the department of ed. 

Have a great week! 

Ms. Mathis and Ms. Mila