PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

K-8 Art Room update week of 10/30

The eighth grade finished their Agamographs. The Israeli artist Yaacov Agam (1928) created this kinetic art form. The students drew or painted two separate 9″x12″ pieces based upon a theme of opposites (color/black & white, good/evil, night/day, etc). Many utilized Op art designs as these already incorporate illusion. The pieces were carefully measured into 1″ strips and then glued on in alternating fashion onto a 12″x18″ accordion folded paper. The final piece was then mounted on black paper.
As you turn the piece from left to right (or vice versa) you see one view/image, which transforms as you turn it into a different image.
K continues to work on a bubble letter name project in oil pastels and watercolor, 1st grade will continue their Klimpt Art Nouveau project and paint trees with very curly decorative branches on their gold backgrounds. Second grade embarks on a puppetry unit this week, and will answer a questionaire about their imagined puppet’s characteristics as well as draw what it will look like. Third grade continued their Laurel Burch analogous colored cats and dogs. Fourth grade is still working on their Op art project and fifth grade is finishing their positive and negative space overlapping shape
pieces. Sixth grade is wrapping up their Onomatopoeia Pop art word project in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. Having finished their 1/2 self portrait using the grid method, seventh grade is working on Zentangle patterns. Eight grade is immersed in large self portraits also utilizing the grid method. The beauty of learning the grid method is that once you know it, you can draw just about anything!