PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Science: Grades 6-8 Week of 10/30/17

This has been a tough week for the 8th graders as they are finishing up a difficult unit on Cells & Their Processes. In addition to doing experiments about diffusion & osmosis, they are preparing for a major exam. Coming up next: Human Anatomy.

The 7th grade has veered a bit from straight Chemistry into the realm of Thermodynamics. We are studying how energy is transferred and measured. This will allow them to understand how refrigeration works and will also lead us into the esoteric realm of “absolute zero”.

The 6th grade is investigating how violent and dangerous storms are formed and what precautions we need to take to avoid being harmed by them. They have been “zapped” by our lightning generator and created mini-tornadoes in bottles. Soon we will tackle the factors that led to “Hurricane Sandy”.