PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Music Update: Grades 1 – 4

Music: A language of its own…

Music truly is its own language. It has so many terms and symbols that are unique. Our first, second, third and fourth grade musicians are learning/reviewing the basics right now. Below is a glimpse of the symbols that students will need to be able to “read” in music class over the next few weeks.


Treble Clef, Bass Clef:

th-2    th-7


Eighth Note, Pair of Eighth Notes, Eighth Rest  (1/2 beat for each eighth note):



Quarter Note, Quarter Rest (1 beat each):

th-4           th-10


Half Note, Half Rest (2 beats each):



Whole Note, Whole Rest (4 beats each):

th-6   th-8


Time Signature:



Some more music “math”



Grand Staff, Staff:

th-12      th-13


Bar Lines: (These lines are used separate the measures of music.)



Double Bar Line, Repeat Sign:


Let’s read the notes! Name that pitch…

*We will be starting with treble clef.*

th-17                th-18



Here are pictures of 402 putting some this knowledge into practice…