PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Music Update: Grades 6 – 8

Welcome back from the break! I hope it was restful.

Our middle school musicians are starting a new unit around composition. All students will be able to express themselves musically, while integrating various elements of music and notation into their pieces. Students will be using Garage Band as an instructional tool to explore instrumentation, tempo, beat, rhythm, effects, recording quality, form and melody.

Garage Band allows all students an equal entry point into writing/composing music, even if they do not have any musical background knowledge. Of course, it is my intention that through this unit and exploration, students will actually understand what they are hearing from a more technical standpoint.

For my students who are already accomplished musicians, this unit will help them expand on their talents. It gives them the chance to write their OWN pieces and express their creativity.

All students can create the music that they want to hear!



Stay tuned for “new releases” by our up-and-coming composers.