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Final 302 Blog Post!

I cannot believe I am writing the last blog post for the year!

This time of the year is filled with mixed emotions for students (and teachers!) ….excited for summer vacation, anxious and curious about the upcoming year, nostalgic about memories of the past year, and proud of all our third grade accomplishments!

It truly has been a wonderful year! You have made my transition back into the classroom seamless, and I have discovered a love for third grade and this age-group!  Thank you for your support this year- all things big and small. All the little things matter! Whether you’ve sent a supportive email, or chaperoned a trip, sent in supplies, smiled at dismissal, joined us at a celebration, helped your child with homework, attended conferences, or shared a story about your child- it was meaningful! THANK YOU!

Summer Suggestions:

Reading: Have your child read daily! Make sure they are reading a variety of books (fiction and nonfiction) that are “just right”. This means that children should be reading books that they enjoy and fully understand. The very best thing to do is to add a weekly trip to the public library to your child’s summer schedule, and let him or her browse in the stacks, both for fiction and for non-fiction.
Writing: Your child brought his/her Writer’s notebook home today! Continue the habit of writing. Have your child write entries about summer activities and  trips.

Make sure your child enters 4th grade as a strong speller! It is important that your child knows all 3rd grade sight words automatically. Use these Sight Word Flashcards to help your child practice grade-specific words.

Math: Don’t let your child slide over the summer! Continue practicing the multiplication facts, and play online games that will help practice other 3rd grade skills, such as fractions and area.

Multiplication Games

Math Playground


Tug Team Fractions- Comparing Fractions
Splashmath Fractions Games for Grade 3
Fraction Fling
Here are some games that helps develop fractions on a number line:
Puzzle Pics Fractions- Fractions on a Number Line
Battleship Number Line
Grade 3 Fractions Skills



Student notebooks, folders and work will be sent home a little at a time this week.

June 22Geometry Assessment (postponed)

June 22– Please send in the items for our “Beach” Birthday Bash. Kids only!

June 26– Last Day of School –Half Day– 11:30 dismissal