PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

December in the Dance Room! – 12/7/18

The kindergarten classes continue their pathway investigation. This week they worked with partners using the shadow technique.  First graders are using the concept of direction in an ABC dance template. Students created a short original work using three different directions. In second grade, dancers are putting the finishing touches on their class community dance. After exploring how workers in the neighborhood might move through space, these students worked collaboratively to assemble a large group dance reflecting their environment.


In third grade, the dance students continue to explore the connections between movement and text. This week they worked in small groups using three movement sentences and a text to create a dance about the sky. The fourth graders discussed what challenges they encountered learning new movement. Next, they will identify skills and strategies to help them work through these challenges. Fifth grade students are composing dances using a verb chain. These students are learning about the wide range of choices that choreographers have when they are creating original work.

The fifth grade dance elective students are editing their movie script dances. After assessing the original movement created, students are being asked to develop the work and enhance its meaning by adding more components including props, voice, sound, text or costumes. Our middle school dance elective started discussing the concepts of balance, off-balance and counter balance. These dancers are working in trios to create a short study using all three ideas. Next, they will be analyzing the works of Paul Taylor to identify concepts learned.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane