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Gr5 Mayan Roles Performance Invite!

See slideshow of Maya Role(s) Monologue/Dialogue Skit Performance Rehearsals in Action!

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Come one, come all as we take a flashback into Mesoamerica (and the Maya Civilization!)

Fifth grade is currently studying early societies and early peoples of the Western Hemisphere. Once we conclude our Maya inquiry next week, we will segway into European Exploration, Colonization and Westward Expansion. We are moving through the historical (global) timeline of the Western Hemisphere. What motivated European explorers to explore the Western Hemisphere? What role did geography play in European exploration and colonization? How did Native Americans view the arrival of the newcomers? How did European exploration affect Native American peoples? Did they really “explore” or “invade”? What were the positive and negative consequences of European exploration of the Western Hemisphere?…will be just some of the pondering questions that we will further investigate.

Some of our current and ongoing Essential (thought-provoking) Humanities Questions include: (in connection with our 5th grade year-long Forever Factors and Human Rights inquiry)…

  • How did early people contribute to the development of the Western Hemisphere?
  • How do we use, adapt to, and change our environment?
  • Why do people move and live where they do? (human migration & geography)
  • Why do people live the way they do? (culture, climate, education, belief systems)
  • How do humans organize their societies and why do they organize them the way they do? (government)
  • How does technology affect people’s lives? (technology & innovation)
  • How has conflict and cooperation shaped human history? (warfare, politics)
  • How has the quest for resources and trade shaped human history? (economics)
  • How do we know what we know about human history? (art, archaeology, record keeping)
  • Why do civilizations rise and fall? (Impact of Civilization, the fall of the Maya)


Our class-wide Maya Monologues/Dialogue Role(s) Skit Performances will take place on on Wednesday, January 9th. All fifth grade family and friends are welcome to join us in our classroom (4th floor, Room 433). Hope to see you there!

Why did the Maya Civilization rise and fall (and disappear?) How did they live? What were ‘roles’ in their society?

Students researched Culture, Innovations, Advancements, Social Structure (Government) and ROLES in the Maya Society. They chose a specific role to further investigate.  They created Mayan Role Monologues/Dialogues (scripts) and will perform their skits to our audience on Wednesday, January 9th. with their props! They had to use their Research, Synthesis, Application, Collaboration, Creativity and Performance Skills and will continue to develop and expand upon these life long skills. If you love learning from children, having fun and enjoy entertainment — please come!

501 at 8:40 – 9:25 

502 at 9:30 -10:15 

8:40 – 9:25 501’s Maya Skits (in this order)
  1. Paulette, Briella, Katya, Ellina, Sophie
  2. Hayley, Angelina, Kayla
  3. Robert, Alvin, Ryann
  4. Sammy, Eric, Kevin
  5. Nickita, Daniel, Igor
  6. Soha, Iris, Lindsay, Stella
  7. Chloe, Abby H., Amber
  8. Kyle, Steven
  9. Sean
  10. Luca, Sam D.
  11. Evan
  12. Olympia, Nadia
9:30 – 10:15 502’s Maya Skits (in this order)
  1. Jeff, Jerry, Leela
  2. Daniela, Ariel S., Liat, Abigail F.
  3. Violet, Sasha, Julia
  4. Nicolas
  5. Nicholas J, Arlo
  6. Leo T., Ariel F.
  7. Henry Q, Henry K, Charlotte
  8. Matthew F.
  9. Lianna, Sophia N.
  10. Connor
  11. Kaitlyn, Annabel
  12. Leo D, Nicole
  13. Catherine, Rebecca, Sam N.
  14. Chris, Ivan
  15. Matthew T.