PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

401: Upcoming Week of 1/7/19


Hello Everyone,

It’s been a great first week back. Here is what’s coming up next week.


  • Monday we will have our Realistic Fiction Unit test. This short test will cover everything we learned in our RF unit (the four elements of RF, Rising action, Falling action, Climax, etc.) as well as a personal reflection about the writing process.
  • Tuesday we will publish. Students must bring in a hard copy of their realistic fiction writing. If they do not have access to a printer they should contact me so I can print their work for them.
  • We will also be doing some grammar work involving sentence structure.



  • We will continue building our reading stamina as well as working on how to respond accurately to questions about a text.
  • We will also continue reading current events articles so that we can stay up to date with what is happening in the world.



  • Our class will continue to work on multi step word problems. We have been learning how to write out a plan and use different letters of the alphabet to represent unknown parts of an equation.
  • We will also continue to to work on strengthening our algebraic thinking.


Social Studies:

  • We are starting our unit: Colonial Times & The American Revolution. It is going to be epic!!! There are so many fun lessons and activities todo with this unit.
  • We will start by discussing why someone would leave their home to colonize another land.